Tree Orchards Farming Tips and Tricks

We have been working with Tree Orchards for a little while now. And it is a great experience!

Not only because the high coin gains orchards can give, but you get a seedling for you and one for a friend. When you water a seedling you will get a tree and you can give the same tree to one friend. This is a win-win situation.

Here are some tips and tricks for Tree Orchards “Breeding”:

1. There are now 26 trees delivering more coins in an orchard then calves (we will publish the list of the trees later this week).

2. When you harvest an orchard you have roughly a 50% chance of a seedling.

3. Orchards filled with less then 20 tree will also produce seedlings. The chance is less when there are much less then 20 trees in the orchard. We are still working on statistics.

4. Orchards with the same trees (also if level one and level trees are mixed) will procuse a same level 2 tree. Example an orchard with Ginko trees and an orchard with Autumn Ginko trees will both produce an Autumn Ginko seedling for the tree breeder.

5. Seedlings to give away to friends will give unpredictable results. It was mentioned that there is a 25% chance of getting the same tree, however our statistics doesn’t confirm this.

6. The seedling to give to a friend seems to produce always a different tree of a slightly lower value. So it make sense to look for seedlings produced out of high value trees orchards.

7. Orchards made up from different trees seems to produce more frequently the latest released level one or level two trees (like Bubble Gum, Mint Candy, Ornament, Disco Ball, etc trees).

Yes, Tree farming is fun and gives you a good return!

Farmville Tree Orchard: Tree Breeding Tips and Tricks

Farmville Tree Orchard was officially released on November 5, 2010. There is no limit on using this building.

Together with the orchard release, many new trees were released: Alma Fig, Autumn Ginkgo, Barhi Date, Breadnut, Chanee Durian, Cuban Red Banana,Golden Apricot, Orange Blood, orchard, Ruby Guava, Shink Pear, Singapore Jackfruit, Strawberry Grapefruit, tree, Wild Cashew, Yellow Passion Fruit and others…

You will be able to harvest Tree Orchards every two days and earn coins. You have also a chance (50 – 80%) to receive a Mystery Seedling. When this happens a Mystery Seedling will be placed in your Gift Box. These can grow into any type of tree after you planted it and watered it (10 times). Each seedling matures into fully grown, often upgraded version, tree.

Each seedling you harvest can be shared with a friend. Each tree you grow can be shared with a friend. This allows you to becomer a Tree Breeder, breeding for yourself or for your friends. I’m sure you have seen Farmville Horse breeder, turning out exotic foals! You will be able to deliver the exotic level 2 trees introducer with the tree orchard with many more to come!

To become a horse breeder it will take a lot of FV’s. However, you can become a Farmville Tree breeder using Tree Orchards for just 1000 coins per orchard! And you will earn coins!! Much more then you earn with foals! And it is a lot more predictable.

Here are some of our first tips for Farmville Tree Breeding:

1. Build as many Orchards as you like. An orchard takes 5×4 spaces (just slighly more then a plot). You can not rotate the Orchard. It is great to use Orchards at the top sides of your farm.

2. To start new Orchards your buy and build one after the other. You must complete the one on your farm before starting the next one. It appears you can start UNLIMITED TREE ORCHARDS as long as you always finish one before you start the next.

3. You can put in as many of each tree as you want, up to the 20 trees capacity. You can mix level 1and level 2 trees, you mix different trees in your Orchard. However, we recommend to use the same type of tree in each Orchard if you want predictable breeding results.

4. Place your seedlings one at a time and grow one completely before you place the next one on your farm (not in an orchard). It will give more work for you to get the watering cans and select the tree you want to water (by clicking on the seedling to water it).

5. Keep track of where you seedlings came from. With doing it right you can predict the tree coming out of each seedling! Then you can start making your neighbor’s happy by gifting the tree they need!

A lot more Tree Breeding Tips coming….

Farmville Tree Orchard Cheats and Hacks

Cheat and Hacks in the Tree Orchard? No, but certainly many Tips and Tricks. Read more about Cheats and Tricks in our previous post HERE.

With the Tree Orchard introdcution in Farmville, sensational things happened.

Ever wished to become an horse breeder?

Forget about the exotic foals you can only put on display and earn you little! No more buying special horses with FV.

Become a “Tree Breeder”!

All level 2 Trees are free!! Just collect them or grow them.

The most common “Top” coin earner were calves. There are now 20 trees earning more if you place them in the Orchard!!!

So, we are going to explain you the “Tips and Tricks” to make more coins with trees then with calves, how to become a “tree breeder” and a lot more to come….

Here are the first tips:

1. Advantage of having trees placed in Orchards in stead of free placing.
An Orchard takes 5×4 places on your farm. It holds 20 trees and it is fenced on 4 sides.

Twenty free standing trees do take the same space but if you want to place one fence on one of the sides, it takes you 4 more spaces. Orchards are excellent to fence your farm!

2, Harvesting advantage with the Tree Orchards.
The orchard harvest all trees placed inside in 2 days. Yes, free standing trees normally harvesting in 5 days, do harvest in 2 days. That increasing the daily coin value by two and a half!!!

3. Top Coin Earning Trees.
The Acai Tree was the top earning tree, giving about 55 coins hourly income per plot of 16 trees. That is about the same amount of as a plot of 16 calves.

Here are the current “top 10” coin earning trees:
Beach Palm Tree    (164.87)
Shinko Pear Tree    (146.09)
Golden Malayan Coconut Tree    (97.39)
Indian Laurel Tree    (97.39)
Longan Tree    (97.39)
Singapore Jackfruit Tree    (97.39)
Autumn Ginkgo Tree    (90.43)
Manila Mango Tree   (67.83)
Mission Olive Tree   (58.43)
Acai Tree   54.96

This is for free standing trees (hourly coins per plot of 16 trees). Many trees will earn more in the Orchard! Can you see its potential! We will publish the complete list of trees soon.

4. Sharing your harvest.
If you harvest trees in your Orchard you get likely more coins as many trees harvest faster. But you also have a good chance (about 50%) to get a “Mystery Tree Seedling”. You can grow this seedling into a tree and you can also share one seedling with one of your friends. If your Orchard has only Beach Palm Trees, then you can expect that the seedling will grow into a Beach Palm Tree! If you have an Orchard full of Acai trees, the seedling is also excpected to grow into a Beach palm Tree!

More Tips and Tricks coming soon….