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Facebook made quite some changes to the Tree Breeding process. We expect it was the need to balance better the watering of the mystery seeds. It was hard to get the water needed for the number of mystery seeds you obtained by harvesting the tree orchards.

It also made the breeding of trees a little bit more difficult.

These are the changes we observed:

1, Instead of 10 watercans now only 8 are now required to grow a mystery seed

2. The break in the middle to alert friends that you are growing tree is still in the middle, now after you used the first four water cans. You still have to get back in your giftbox manually to proceed.

3. The chances of getting a mystery seedling was drastically reduced. What was 50 – 60% chance of a getting a tree mystery seedling when harvesting an orchard is now more like 30 – 40%

4. But, when you don’t receive a seedling, you do get 2 watercans. With this you almost balance the water supply to grow your seedlings. It is not longer required to search for water cans on the home page.

To make it more attractive to the tree breeders many new trees are becoming available, including some interesting ‘Giant” and themed tree versions:

Golden Apple Tree into a Giant Golden Apple Tree
Sour Apple Tree into a Giant Sour Apple Tree
Caramel Apple Tree into a Big Caramel Apple Tree
Chocolate Heart Tree into a Giant Chocolater Heart Tree
Cinnamon Heart Tree into a Giant Heart Candy Tree
Cocoa Tree into a Giant Cocao Tree
Cotton Candy Tree into a Bubble Gum Tree
Lucky Cookies Tree into a Giant Lucky Cookies Tree
Mardi Gras Tree into a Giant Mardo Grass Tree
Mac&Cheese Tree into a Giant Mac&Cheese Tree (wondering what McDonalds is paying for this)

and there are more already…. we will give a full update on those in the weeks to come.

Later this week we will publish our first real Tree Breeding Trick (Hack for some)! Stay tuned.

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